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Tuesday 10 February 2015


Watching their growth never fails to amaze me every single day. Every child is a unique soul, and their development is different from one to another. At 11 months baby IZI was able to walk while Ziya at 12 months. Baby IZI also able to understand simple commands given by people around him, such as clapping when he is ask to, how to give a "kiss bye", how to dance and many more at 11 months. But AZA is also great in motoric skills, specially in dancing when she is listened to any songs, she would quickly moves her body in a collaborate dance moves. Both of them share the same interest in music. AZA loves to play the piano (she still randomly press the notes) while IZI would dance along any tunes that her sister play.

Mungkin terkesan tidak ada yang luar biasa, atau bahkan normal bagi perkembangan anak-anak balita seumurannya untuk dapat melakukan hal tersebut tadi. But hey, as people say, yang namanya anak sendiri, mau sekecil apapun perkembangan yang ditunjukkannya pasti akan terasa sangat spesial.

YES, It's true !

Setelah jadi ibu, saya baru mengerti perasaan ini sekarang. Tatapan kagum, sayang, penuh cinta para ibu diluar sana ketika melihat tingkah polah yang dilakukan oleh anaknya, kini saya mengerti. Mama, kini anakmu mengerti apa arti tatapan sayangmu dulu kepadaku.

My Dear Daughter and Son, remember this, and read this (of course when you are old enough to know and have access to the internet).. Both of you are the greatest gifts and the greatest things ever happened into our life, specially Mama and Aba. Hope you two would grown as a kind hearted, most lovable and caring person in this world, that way we as a parent knows that we are doing a hell of a great job raising you two :)

Your Bestfriend,
Mama and Aba

IZI (3 month) AZA (2 year 10 month)
IZI (8 month) AZA (3 year 3 month)
IZI (11 month) AZA (3 year 6 month)
IZI (11 month) AZA (3 year 6 month)

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